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Thread: Theme set to whoever last logged in?

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    Thumbs up [SOLVED] Theme set to whoever last logged in?

    (Note: I apologize if this overlaps my recent post in Administrators regarding the Admin login. This appears to be more serious than my original post.)

    I just noticed that my Zimbra 5.0.1 installation always logs in using the last selected theme from any user.

    I first noticed it when I was playing with the freebusy calendar, and it loaded up with the theme used by a different user, on a different physical computer. (My account=waves, other account=hotrod) I then tried logging in to my account, and it loaded up using hotrod there as well!

    So, I reset my account to waves, rolled over to the other computer, and simply reloaded the web gui. That computer now loaded waves! This appears to be happening every time I switch themes on either computer.

    Any advice on what might be happening?

    Update: The problem appears to have gone away. I haven't changed anything that I know of, but maybe I didn't delete everything from the jetty/work folder the first time. I know I've done that since then.
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