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Thread: Problems with address books

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    Default Problems with address books


    I have used 5.0 release candidate and address books worked fine. I have 15 address books owned by user1 and shared to user2 and user3 (full privileges).

    After upgrade to 5.0.1, user2 and user3 can't create contacts in shared address books. They can only create contacts in their private address book. But, the strange thing is that they can move contact from private to shared address book.

    In AJAX interface, when adding user in shared address book, after clicking save, all fileds get 'grayed out' and that's it. User isn't created and I have to click Cancel and answer 'No' to question about saving. Otherwise, I can't use interface.

    In HTML interface, I can't even choose shared address books on a drop down menu during creation of contact.

    user1 has no problems.

    Any suggestions where to look for problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmorse View Post
    Welcome to the forums,
    That seems to be Bug 23508 - Contacts in Shared Contacts cannot be saved
    Oh... Thanks.

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