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Thread: Can Send but not recieve

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    Default Can Send but not recieve

    Finally got Zimbra installed and working great,
    however i cannot recieve mail. I can send just fine.
    Any Suggestions?



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    Default receive from where?

    When you say you can't receive, do you mean from an external system, or you can't receive mail sent from the ZCS server to the ZCS server?

    Your issue could be as simple as missing MX records. If you can't receive from remote systems, first verify that the mail is actually being routed to the ZCS box.

    If it's a ZCS->ZCS issue, it could still be DNS. Disable DNS lookups in the admin panel, mta tab, and set a relay host. This will prevent ZCS from looking up destinations for outbound email, and pass it all to the relay host.

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    I cannot recieve mail from a remote system, such as cox, or yahoo.
    i haven't done anything with postfix yet. or set up and mx records. how do i need to go about doing that?

    Thanks Again!

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