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Thread: Looking for LDAP documentation

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    Default Looking for LDAP documentation

    I recently installed Zimbra and I am looking for more documentation on the product. I am familiar with OpenLDAP but I am looking for the fields and what fields are necessary to do a mass import.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Migration

    This is the best thread at the moment about bringing in messages from other sources:

    As far as LDAP Documetation, you probably wont need it to import messages as in the thread I mentioned above but for more complete info:

    The below quote comes from here:

    LDAP Hierarchy
    LDAP directories are arranged in an hierarchal tree-like structure. In the
    Zimbra system, the structure is arranged based on Internet domain names.
    LDAP entries typically include items such as user accounts, organizations, or
    For a complete listing of the Zimbra auxiliary object classes, see the Zimbra
    LDAP Schema.

    Zimbra Schema
    Every LDAP implementation has a schema that defines its domain structure,
    account attributes, and other data structures in use by the organization.
    Zimbra includes a custom LDAP schema that extends the generic schema
    included with OpenLDAP software and is designed to potentially coexist with
    existing directory installations. The Zimbra server, the Zimbra administration
    console, the command-line account provisioning, and the management
    utilities require the Zimbra schema.
    All attributes and object classes specifically created for Zimbra are prefaced
    by “zimbra,” as in zimbraMailRecipient object class or the
    zimbraAttachmentsBlocked attribute.
    The Zimbra schema assumes a baseline schema. In the OpenLDAP installer
    package included with the Zimbra system, the following schema files are
    included in the OpenLDAP implementation:
    • core.schema
    • cosine.schema
    • inetorgperson.schema
    • zimbra.schema
    Note: You cannot modify the Zimbra schema.
    For completeness There was a document called "Zimbra LDAP Schema" that came with version 3.0.1 that talked about EXACTLY what the Schema looked like but I cannot find a current version of that doc, and the one I have (v 3) is extremely out of date.

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    Thank you for the reply. I guess I will have to dig through the zimbra.schema to find the information I need. I was hoping to steal code from the .ldif files in the openldap directory but when I was looking through the files I did not see anything about my newly created domain.

    I was hoping for a nice howto on the best way to complete this. I am a bit shocked that there is no simple documentation on how to do a mass install with actually migrating from another system.

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