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    Hi guys, i got a question, how many domains can i create on my zimbra server? i mean i can create as many domains as i want well as many as my storage can i mean or is there a restriction on any version of zimbra?

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    No intentional restrictions on any version - outside of theoretical limits

    Though you will eventually hit a limit on what can be displayed in the left column (think default is like 50) - you can type $set:domainsrch # in the main search bar at any time to change this for your admin session.
    Bug 7667 - Domain node in the left overview pane cannot handle too many subnodes
    That won't persist across sessions like if you logout/reload - but you can get someone to stop bugging you by going: "Look, all our email domains but one are missing right now...I'll have to deal with your issue later." -jk
    The regular manage domains list view will show them all the domains in pages with "previous < 1-25 of x > next" buttons of course.
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