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Thread: Copy mail, calendar and contacts

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    Default Copy mail, calendar and contacts

    I have a server with a quasi M3_436_RHEL4/M4_41_RHEL4 build of ZCS on Centos 4.2, I say quasi because the upgrade has failed to complete successfully see this thread and was wondering how I could copy all mail/calendars/contacts from this zombie box - N.B. Zimbra will not start - to a server with M4_41_SuSE10?

    Would it just be a matter of copying the contents of store or is there a slightly more elaborate way of doing it.

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    You can try to just copy the store but you'll also need all the LDAP accounts, and MySQL data. So if you don't get it just perfect it won't work. Your best bet would be to get your first server running and then export the mail via a standard protocol (like IMAP).
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