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Thread: Still dont get it... do i need an own server or just a hostspace with some features?

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    Question Still dont get it... do i need an own server or just a hostspace with some features?


    do i need an extra server (own system) or just a nice hostspace with imap, php4-5, mysql and maybe ssl????

    i read the reqs, but its all refering to an own system...

    can someone give me a hint?


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    I think you can do it with a hosted solution- you just need to be able to:

    - know exactly what type of hosted solution you have, i.e. RH 4 or 5, Fedora what- ZCS has some very explicit requirements. If some are missing, you may not be able to install them depending on your solution

    - you need to be able to direct your mail via MX records to the hosting solution

    Overall, you probably want to do it on your own server- you just have much more control that way. If this is for fun, you could try it on a hosted provider and see if you can get it to work.

    If this is for profit then don't waste your time or the companies time- get a proper Internet connection and a server. A proper 64 bit Dell or Sun will set you back only about 5 or 6K, with RH licenses.

    Also- consider that if you do it on a hosted provider, they have all your email. What happens if they go out of business?

    Lastly, I think there are plenty of 3rd party 'hosted' zimbra solutions already out there- just call them up and get out your credit card.

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    Thank zou for response.
    its non profit. I am actually looking for a solution to manage all of my email accounts with a web interface.
    actually zimbra would be the best solution but its to complicated dont have time and interest to get into the server-stuff. now i am using googlemail.

    ok. thanks

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    A list of hosting partners (close to no setup on your part required if you would like to use their servers) is at: /partners/zimbra_hosting.html

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