Hi there..

We are currently evaluating Zimbra to become our next email-solution.

Our situation right now:

One internal email-server which polls all incoming emails via a multipop-account from our provider, who also hosts our external .de domain.
All outgoing emails got sent via our provider too, so our email-server is only responsible for distributing the incoming emails to the right internal email accounts.

We didn't want to change our external domain and mail-hosting for various reasons, but we like to replace our old internal email server with the zimbra solution.

We managed to get zimbra installed in our test environment, but still got some problems and questions to solve.
Our Test-Server (CentOS 5.1) got DNS configured like suggested in the Zimbra-Wiki -> "Split-DNS" and after that, Zimbra installed without Problems.
But now the email-addresses look like username@mailserver.internal-domain.local, but we want them to look like username@external-domain.de

How do we get those internal email-addresses converted/translated to our "normal" external email-addresses ?

Also how do we get this multipop account tied into zimbra for incoming emails and the external email-server got used for all our outgoing emails ?

Thanks in advance,