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Thread: DNS Questions and Trouble Installing

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    Default DNS Questions and Trouble Installing

    Hi, I'm trying to install Zimbra onto a sled 9 distro, but I'm rather new to working with DNS and the sort, and linux in general, so I had a few questions.

    So I was reading up in the wiki on how to install on sles 9
    (SUSE Linux Enterpise Server 9 NAT HOWTO - Zimbra :: Wiki)

    but I'm unclear on some of the information. I have set up a DNS, with host "sbs" and domain "" (not registered), but when installing the Zimbra client, it tells me:

    DNS ERROR resolving MX for
    It is suggested that the domain name have and MX configured in the DNS
    Change domain name? [Yes]

    But I input no because I don't know what to change it too.
    With that, I don't think my installation worked because I went to http://ip:7780 and nothing showed up. Any suggestions, or could someone point me in the right direction as how to setup and register my domain on my box?

    Also, another question is, does the domain name have to be registered?

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