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Thread: Zimbra only as groupware frontend

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    Default Zimbra only as groupware frontend

    Hi everybody

    I am looking for a mail/calendar/task/contacts web interface. I think Zimbra is wonderful, but i have an entire company running already an LDAP directory and a running Postfix/Dovecot. My question is about if it could be possible to install only the web interface and configure it to use the existing services, without needing to install the store, ldap, etc provided with the packages (i use debian). The target is the authentication of the users in the LDAP directory, and once authenticated, access the mail server with those credentials. The calendar data, tasks, etc should be stored in some database.

    Any help is wellcome. thanks in advance.

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    no .

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    You can do the LDAP thingy (authenticate against an external server).
    You can't use external mail or calendaring servers.

    Zimbra is not a webinterface, it's an all in one product.

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    Just to add to the above, in our environment we already had (and still have) openldap servers, a postfix smtp, etc - i.e., a complete solution not using Zimbra. Except that it's not entirely complete, because we don't have a good calendaring solution, and zimbra's web mail's a little nicer than squirrelmail :-).

    So, what we're doing is using Zimbra as an additional service for some of our users, but not all - in other words for a limited number of users, we allow Zimbra to deal with the mail store, mail and calendar related services, etc. That said, we authenticate against our existing LDAP which works great, and also use our existing LDAP for the Global Address List. (Note though that the zimbra server itself stores additional zimbra-related user/config data in it's own LDAP server).

    Perhaps one day we will move everyone across, but for the moment we get by giving zimbra access to the small percentage of users that require that little something extra.

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