Hi there,

discovered some strange behaviours of ZCS 5.0.1_GA_1902 FOSS:

- tested on CentOS 5.1 or RHEL 5.1 (Production): Same issues
- tested on Firefox, IE, Opera: Same issues
- Fresh install or upgrade from 4.5.x: Same issues
- No Zimlets
- Installation / Upgrade without any issues.
- Zimbra Webclient is working fine.

The problem is: After Logging in to Admin Console the "Loading ..." Message appears forvever. I can't Login to the Admin Console. The Admin Application
doesn't start.

Auth is working: If I enter a wrong password this is captured.

So far no clue what is happening since there're no error- messages in any logs at all.

If I can contribute more information to solve this issue, please advise.