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Thread: [SOLVED] zmmailboxdctl is not running

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    Default Casifying zimbra:zmmailboxdctl is not running

    I tried casifying zimbra 5 server,following the documents from Cassifying Zimbra 5 - Zimbra :: Wiki
    when I enter zmprov -gdpak I get the following error:

    ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (invoke Connection refused, server: localhost) (cause: Connection refused)

    after "zmcontrol status " i got "zmmailboxdctl is not running"
    I have the sae pid file problem,I'v also checked port 80/443 and it's not listening,thus no port conflict exists.

    None of above tips worked for me.Could you plz help me out guys?

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    Default zmmailboxd.out

    Here's the output of /opt/zimbra/log/zmmailboxd.out:

    Zimbra server reserving server socket port=7110 bindaddr=null ssl=false
    Zimbra server reserving server socket port=7995 bindaddr=null ssl=true
    Fatal error: exception while binding to ports Unbound server sockets not implemented

    I've checked and netstat showed no Listening on those ports.This error is really frustrating.Could you please help?

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