Sorry for such a bone-headed question, but most of the time it's the really simple things that elude me.

I've tested ZCS and am ready to put it into production for a small team for additional testing. But I can't seem to figure out how I should do the initial configuration. I want to make sure that I enter the correct values for the Hostname, LDAP Host, Domain to create, and Admin user to create entries.

Basically, if I'm wanting to accept mail for the domain "" and want all of my users' email addresses to end in "", what exactly would I enter in these config values? How about:
  • Hostname: (with that DNS entry pointing to this server)
  • LDAP Host: (since it's mainly used internally in ZCS and I've already tested the external authentication to our own LDAP directory servers)
  • Domain to create:
  • Admin user to create:

Like I said -- bone-headed question. Thanks for any help. Oh, and outstanding product and future plans, by the way.