I have a really strange bug with zimbra 5.0.1 GA NE installed on Redhat 5.
When I create a new HTML mail with IE6, IE7 or Firefox on Ubuntu festy, I can't write text in the body.

I need help to confirm the bug, please help !

To reproduce the bug :
0) in preferences>Signatures, remove your signature
1) in preferences>Composing>Composing messages>Compose, choose "as HTML"
2) save preferences
3) In Mail, create a new mail
4) HTML editor is displayed
5) bug : It is impossible to enter text in the HTML editor

Tested with :
- IE7, on Windows XP and Vista, zimbra 5.0.1
- IE6, on Windows XP and Vista, zimbra 5.0.1
- FF2 on Linux, zimbra 5.0.1

Can you confirm ?

If yes, go to this issue and add vote/comment :
Bug 23993 - Compose as HTML is not working when "as HTML" is set by default

This bug may be related to :
Bug 11384 - New mail compose: cursor does not appear in the message body
Bug 509 - Cursor fails to appear in Firefox