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Thread: last login time hasn't changed

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    Default last login time hasn't changed

    At the moment this isn't a problem but I thought I would ask anyway. The "Last Login Time" on my account hasn't changed. Why?

    • I'm using the zcs 5 on Ubuntu Dapper (Open Source)
    • Logged into the admin interface on port 7071
    • On my email account it says I logged in on 1/30/2008
    • I was using webmail yesterday and today

    Why does it say I logged in on 1/30/2008?

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    zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency (default is 7d to cutdown on ldap writes every time you auth...)
    zmprov mcf zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency 3d
    Bug 24012 - "Last logged in" not updating when using external LDAP
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    Default Okay

    Thanks for the quick response. I'll watch it and see if it changes.

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