Okay, so this may not be 1) of interest or 2) earth shattering to any of you, but I'm stoked and figured I'd share this experience for the occasional Windows user that may happen by these forums. I tried installing and running the new Debian release on Windows using coLinux (www.colinux.org), and after a bit of hemming and hawing, I got it running quite well. There are two cool things about coLinux. First, it isn't a VM, per se, but a "cooperative" kernel, which means little to me except that the performance is much better than any VM products that I've used. Second, it can be configured to start as a windows service, allowing root consoles to be "attached" and X and VNC clients to connect locally or remotely.

Anyway, the short of this is that I now have a Windows XP box that is running Zimbra in the background on startup, and its pretty impressively zippy. Much better than I had expected, anyway. Sure, it ain't the most elegant of solutions, but it does let me get rid of my Windows Server / Exchange box and supplant Microsoft's hog of an email system (WAY overkill for me) with something even better. Now if we could just get this sucker ported to Windows natively, I'd be thrilled, but for now, at least I'm satisfied...