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Thread: Incorporating Zimbra into an existing OpenLDAP setup

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    Default Incorporating Zimbra into an existing OpenLDAP setup

    Hi all,

    I've been tasked to incorporate Zimbra into our existing OpenLDAP and I'm having a bit of a trouble. Here's the situation, let me know if anything is unclear:

    We have OpenLDAP set up for our existing domain, We have two main groups of accounts inside the directory - ou=people,dc=abc,dc=com and ou=staff,dc=abc,dc=com. If possible, I would like to connect Zimbra to the ou=staff,dc=abc,dc=com accounts so only staff members could access Zimbra.

    I'm using ZCS 5.0.2 GA, downloaded yesterday from Zimbra.

    When I first installed ZCS (it was 5.0.1 at the time, a few weeks ago), I tried to have Zimbra point to our external LDAP directory, but I couldn't see any LDAP entries once I connected. Perhaps I was overlooking something, because I never got it to work.

    Currently I have ZCS set up the default way, and I assigned another domain to it - By itself, ZCS is working great with its own LDAP server, but I don't like the though of having two LDAP servers.

    Has anyone successfully integrated Zimbra into an existing OpenLDAP directory?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Zimbra requires it's own version of openLDAP to be installed for our own use, you can authenticate against your external LDAP as detailed in this article.


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