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Thread: Can I use existing MySQL install?

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    Question Can I use existing MySQL install?

    Is it possible to use an existing mysql installation instead of the built-in one? We already have MySQL 5.1.22 installed on our server and don't want another copy of the same thing running in parallel.

    If this is possible, how do I configure zimbra to use ours?


    P.s. Same thing with apache. Can I use our apache install that is already servicing 15 domains?
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    Welcome to the forums,

    It would be far better for you to run Zimbra on a separate virtual machine or box.

    Zimbra uses it's own customized instances of a serious collection of software packages - OpenLDAP, MySQL, Apache, Tomca (4.5 prior) Jetty(5.0), Postfix, Lucene, Verity, ClamAV, SpamAssassin, DSPAM (though off by default) AMaViS/Amavisd-new, Aspell, James/Sieve, Perdition (4.5 prior), NGINX(5.0), etc.

    VMware & VirtualBox are a common one's - Xen has some quirks but speed wise it's rather good - I've found Qemu & Parallels to be a little slower.

    But if you want the fun...
    Zimbra with Apache using mod jk - mod proxy - mod proxy ajp - Zimbra :: Wiki
    ZimbraApache - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Older 4.5 & prior docs (5.0 uses jetty):
    Using Tomcat with Apache (mod jk) - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Hosting other sites with Zimbra - Zimbra :: Wiki
    There's a thread on MySQL around here somewhere...but it ain't a pretty process.

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