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Thread: Error when sending, receiving messages

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    Default Error when sending, receiving messages

    Hello everyone!

    When I trying to send message, the following message appears:

    A network service error has occurred. msg: system failure: indexMessage caught IOException
    code: service.FAILURE
    method: ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
    detail: soap:Receiver

    the incoming mesages appear as deferred mails.
    This problem affects just one mail account, the others works properly.

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    Can you take a look at your /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log and see what's going on? What version is this?

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    Version 5.0.0_GA_1869.UBUNTU6.FOSS 2007.12.18.

    I renamed the account and i maked another with same name, now it works both of them.

    Now isn't works the server status page, threads message:

    Server error encountered Message: system failure: getting service status Error code: service.FAILURE Method: ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke Details:soap:Receiver

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