I am installing m4 update2 on to a SUSE10 machine. the install was going ok until i got:

ERROR: service.Failure (system failure: getDirectContext) (cause: javax.naming.CommunicationException quirkservice.com:389)

I also got an error saying that there was a port conflict. (from postfix)

the install seemed to finish ok, and the services appeared to be started, however, when i ran zmcontrol status, i received the error:

Cannot Determine Services - exiting

I have looked around the forums, and have seen other posts mentioning some of these errors, but the solutions usually do not apply (e.g. the other person was running a mac).
I have disabled postfix, but i am not sure if i am running selinux.
i ran
set selinux=0
but i don't know if that did anything. i checked the boot log and selinux=0.

thanks for all your help.