I am testing zimbra and getting it setup to use in a private school setting. I have a couple of issues and cant seem to find out how to reslove them.
first, I installed and uninstalled several times and tried different setups. This time around I cant seem to pull mail from the user and download it into thunderbird mail client. It logs in and then does nothing. The setup is the same for the client as it has been in the first few installs... any ideas where to look?
second, when I log in I get a security message telling me the certificate for the site is for domain.net but I am trying to log into mail.domain.net do you want to accept?
well, I wanted to create a new certificate and get an error message ea time.
looks like this

Message: system failure: exception during auth {RemoteManager: barronsfamily.net->zimbra@barronsfamily.net:22} Error code: service.FAILURE Method: ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke Details:soap:Receiver

this happens when I also want to view mail queues.......
If I can get past these 2 errors I will be on my way... I was able to get fetchmail to access an outside account and dump into a user which is how I want to set it up.
thanks for any help you can give...
Bill B