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Thread: Backup from DNZ to LAN

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    Default Backup from DNZ to LAN

    Hi everybody !

    I've a question about the Open Source edition backup procedure using the "Simple Shell Script Method" by Daniel W. Martin.

    This is my situation:

    IPCop--------dmz--------test mail server (Zimbra)

    What would I like to do?

    Backing up zimbra's most important files to my NAS

    Only the administrator has all the rights on the NAS
    His user name and password are (for example):

    Username: admin
    Password: 1111
    NAS ip:

    Zimbra box ip:

    I've slightly changed the "Simple Shell Script Method" in this way:
    (The changes are red)

     # Zimbra Backup Script
     # Requires ncftp to run
     # This script is intended to run from the crontab as root
     # Free to use and free of any warranty!  Daniel W. Martin, 9 Sept 2007
     # Live sync before stopping Zimbra to minimize sync time with the services down
     # Comment out the following line if you want to try single cold-sync only
     rsync -avHK --delete /opt/zimbra/ /backup/zimbra
     # which is the same as: /opt/zimbra /backup
     # Including --delete option gets rid of files in the dest folder that don't exist at the src
     # this prevents logfile/extraneous bloat from building up overtime.
     # Stop Zimbra Services
     sudo -u zimbra /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol stop
     sleep 20
     # Sync to backup directory
     rsync -avHK --delete /opt/zimbra/ /backup/zimbra
     # Restart Zimbra Services
     sudo -u zimbra /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol start
     # Create a txt file in the backup directory that'll contain the current Zimbra
     # server version. Handy for knowing what version of Zimbra a backup can be restored to.
     sudo -u zimbra zmcontrol -v > /backup/zimbra/conf/zimbra_version.txt
     # or examine your /opt/zimbra/.install_history
     # Create archive of backed-up directory for offsite transfer
     # cd /backup/zimbra
     tar -zcvf /tmp/mail.backup.tgz -C /backup/zimbra .
     # Transfer file to backup server
     ncftpput -u admin -p 1111 / /tmp/mail.backup.tgz

    My first attempt was (as usual in linux world ) a failure...
    so, these are my questions:

    1- I opened a "DMZ pin Hole" on IPCop form Zimbra ip ( to NAS ip ( Which port should I use?

    2-I simply installed ncftp with the command: "apt-get install ncftp"
    Should I configure it in some way?

    I'd really appreciate any help
    Thank U in advance !

    (fell free to insult me if i wrote too many newbie idiot stuffs)

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    I've changed the red line in the code above in this way:

    ncftpput -u admin-p 1111 /public /tmp/mail.backup.tgz
    My NAS IP is:
    I created a "public" folder that can be reached by FTP on port 21.

    In IPCop I opened a DMZ pinhole from Zimbra box IP ( to NAS IP ( through port 21

    Unfortunately ncftp can't connect to my NAS.....

    any suggestions?

    Thank U in advance
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    Looks like the script is using "rsync" if so you want to open up port 22 for SSH protocol.
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    Probably the simplest solution is making a windows user in the green zone copy zimbra mail backup files into a windows file server in the green zone as well. can I do that?

    Is it enough to make zimbra back up file reachable by a FTP client?

    Just to make it simple, how can I move some files from a DMZ to a GREEN zone?
    Shoudl I work on the GREEN zone or on the ORANGE zone?

    as usual...thank U in advance

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