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Since M4 doesn't use zmiptables, what's the new procedure? Or does Zimbra now just pickup whatever IP you are on?
Im a bit stuck right now.

I initially had an apache server running which I shutdown when I started the Zimbra install. Now that zimbra is running, I thought I would be able to modify the httpd.conf to include my previous setup.

How would someone setup:
www.example.com > web on port 80
email.example.com > email on port 7070

Also, my main problem currently is trying to get zimbra apache to listen on port 80. Initially I changed the httpd.conf to include:

Listen 80
Listen 7160

Only I get a startup error saying port 80 is already in use and prior to startup it isnt. So zimbra must be doing this on startup in the background.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.