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    Default Pipe in password

    So today was my first attempt at installing Zimbra (an attempt that is still going, I'm just waiting for stuff to load now)...

    My first attempt was a massive failure... I never got into the admin panel and after a lot of manual reading and more time consuming trial and error (mostly error) I'm blaming it on having a pipe symbol ( "|" ) in my default password(s)... I'm doing a fresh install of both the OS (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server edition) and Zimbra and I will report back on this thread of what happens when I set all passwords and user names to simple words (like "admin" and "password")...

    We shall see!


    Yeah, after a fresh install and using a normal people password everything seems to work perfectly, though I'm scared to death of what will happen when I implement Active Directory and people start using weird symbol filled passwords...

    So a note to all: Don't put "|" in your default password during installation!
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    Feel free to file a bug on that.

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