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Thread: [SOLVED] Not able to send/receive mail - Pls Help!

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    Default [SOLVED] Not able to send/receive mail - Pls Help!

    Hi All, I've have a new setup of Zimbra 5.2... I am not able to send/receive email. When I check the admin console I see email is deferred. I think I may need to add my networks into some files - not sure!

    I did a postconf mynetworks and I get:,,

    Should I add the subnet IP? ?
    Is there any other files I need to modify/update for the default install of Zimbra to send & receive mails? Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Hi All, I was able to resolve the problem... Actually, I had this problem before and completely forgot about this. It seems that on some linux-distro installation it does not install the cron and file utility. Apparently, Zimbra NEEDS those 2 files to be able to process the sending and receiving of emails. I would HIGHLY recommend Zimbra to document this or better yet make this a requirement during install.

    Note: with out the above 2 files ALL will seem to work. Check the logs (/var/log/zimbra.log)... You should see an error referencing that the "file" utility is not available. Hope this will help the next person


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