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Thread: Zimbra Desktop and Server problems on OSX Leopard

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    Default Zimbra Desktop and Server problems on OSX Leopard

    First I tried installing the Server version on OSX, but gave me a error when I tried to start the server. After some research I found out this was a known bug and is resolved. But when is this going to be in the release on the download page? Kinda useless download right now for Leopard. Any other download location with updated/working version?

    Then I tried the Zimbra desktop, installing in in /Applications/Zimbra Desktop didnt work. Error message below. Installing it to the default location seems to work.

    "Failed to inject zimlets. Some features may be missing."

    the /log/ file says:

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Desktop/jetty/etc/start/config (The forum didnt allow me to search the word java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError)

    Launching the Desktop Client doesnt do a thing.
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    Hello, and Welcome to the Zimbra forums!

    You can't install Zimbra desktop in any place that has spaces. It's a bug. You might wish to try reinstalling again in it's default location:

    I'm running leopard. It runs great, trust me

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    The Default location does indeed work for the client. (I also wrote that in my first post ) The server version, didn't work at all. There was a known bug that was already fixed, but was not yet in the latest release.

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