I have read all the forum and i still have problems.

This is my situation runing in a WhiteBox 4 (like redhat EL 4):

1) i have configured the /etc/hosts file and its ok.
2) i installed all the packages needed for the zimbra pack
3) i installed the zimbra pack y its all work perfectly

I get inside the zimbra webmail and work perfectly but i canīt never get into the amdin page. I think there is a problem with the Ajax or the java.

I want to know wath is the minimun hardware requirement to install the zimbra and how can i do to install it with less resourses. And i want to know if i can get in the admin page remotley becouse i get in the admin page but locally and when i want to login i canīt becouse it tell me that the user admin does not exist.

Thank a lot.