I'm currently planning to upgrade our current Zimbra install to the latest GA Release.
We are currently running 4.5.10_GA_1575.FC5 and would like to upgrade to 5.2.

So far the plan is to back everything up, upgrade our Fedora 5 to Fedora 7 and then run the upgrade to 5.2. Shouldn't be a problem right? Well here's the kicker... We are looking at upgrading to the Network Edition, but unfortunately Fedora doesn't seem to be supported.
What I'm looking for is some guidance on how to approach this. Even though its unsupported, is getting the Network edition to run on Fedora a difficult task? Has anyone had any success?
Or.. Is there a suggested route to take in converting an existing install and porting it over to a supported platform which can then be upgraded to the Network Edition.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and had any success?
Starting from scratch is not an option as I definitely need to preserve the emails that are currently on our existing system.

Any advice is appreciated.