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Thread: IMAP Subfolder Syncing?

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    Default IMAP Subfolder Syncing?

    I tried searching for an answer to this but could not find any...

    We currently have the Open Source of ZCS 5.0 and as I have 3 seperate email accounts I need to monitor, I have moved back to Outlook 2007 (I am on Windows) and so I used IMAP to sync with the server all 3 accounts.

    I am at a loss, I can only see the Inbox, no subfolders, and under 2 of the accounts I have many...

    Does IMAP only sync with the inbox folder only?

    Also I am needing to sync the contact lists, and I cannot find any good instructions for this.. though have not searched that hard, and I am just now searching on using iCAL for the Calendar.

    Just wish the wiki had all this information. I use the AJAX interface, but I need something to look at them all and we can not afford yet to get the Network Professional Version, but we are hoping to be able to afford it by the end of the year, that way we can just sync with MAPI...

    Thanks in advance, and I am sorry if this has been answered, I just can not find it anywhere....

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    Tutorials: Outlook 2000
    some where down in the end it will show you how you can SUBSCRIBE to all Folder other than INBOX using IMAP

    edit: found this one for outook 2007

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    Default IMAP Configuration


    Thank you so much... I hate it when it is something that simple.

    Do you know of a way to get the Calendar to sync, like using the iCalendar protocol?

    this way I can sync my IPAQ with my outlook. The contact list is the most important so I can make sure any changes that are made are sync'd with my outlook then I can use whatever method that is out there to sync the Contacts....

    Though without having the Network Pro version, I am thinking it might have been better to keep us on Exchange until we can afford to move off it... but that seems counter productive...

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