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Thread: Helo command - Need Change postfix settings

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    The sending server may also be on the end of a *DSL/cable connection (like mine at home) and I do not have control of the network block so cannot setup the rDNS correctly. Therefore, I relay through my ISP which works a treat and is what they suggest. Perhaps this should be proposed to the admin of the sending server. It does save a lot of problems.

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    If the rejected server has a generic reverse DNS from the ISP, that is all the reverse DNS it needs. Try adding its IP to your Hosts file, if it is static. If it is dynamic then that won't work.

    All commercial Broadband services offer static IP's. If you are going to set your server up and expect it to work properly, you need to play by the rules as set out in the various RFC's for mail servers and DNS. These standards are setup to allow those who are willing to follow them to have quality mail services. When admin's don't follow the RFC's then everyone suffers.

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