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    I migrated from FC 5 running 4.5.11 to CentOS 5.1 running 4.5.11 over the weekend and everything seems to be working fine except, now none of my users are getting search results when doing a search. I am also seeing this error intermittantly on different accounts when I try to access them through the admin interface, I am able to get rid of the error by doing a reindex mailbox from the admin interface but this doesn't seem to fix the search problem like i thought it would.

    Message: system failure: Cannot WRITE index directory (mailbox=61 idxPath=/opt/zimbra/index/0/61/index/0)
    Error code: service.FAILURE
    Method: ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke

    Any ideas on what is going on or how to fix would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can you get us the error in mailbox.log?
    also, how does it look on disk space. Have you run a fsck lately?


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    I got it working now, the /opt/zimbra/index directory tree had wrong authorities, I set to zimbra:zimbra and works fine now.


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