I was installing zimbra for the first time, and noticed that the domain on the hostname was wrong. Aborted instalation, changed hostname in /etc/sysconfig/network (i'm in CentOS) and didn't had nothing in /etc/hosts.

When i try to install, i get this error:
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        ERROR: Installation can not proceeed.  Please fix your /etc/hosts file
        to contain: localhost.localdomain localhost

        Zimbra install grants mysql permissions only to localhost and
        localhost.localdomain users.  But Fedora/RH installs leave lines such
        as these in /etc/hosts:     myhost.mydomain.com myhost localhost.localdomain localhost

        This causes MySQL to reject users coming from as users from
        myhost.mydomain.com.  You can read more details at:

That's ok, but if i do this, the instalation will configure all servers with this domain, (localhost.localdomain) and the servers wont start.

if i leave it empty, i've got an java error:

Setting defaults...hostname: Unknown host
java.net.UnknownHostException: punk.netgraf.pt: punk.netgraf.pt
        at java.net.InetAddress.getLocalHost(InetAddress.java:1308)
        at com.zimbra.cs.localconfig.LC.(LC.java:155)
        at com.zimbra.cs.localconfig.KnownKey.(KnownKey.java:39)
        at com.zimbra.cs.localconfig.LocalConfig.verify(LocalConfig.java:337)
        at com.zimbra.cs.localconfig.LocalConfig.(LocalConfig.java:185)
        at com.zimbra.cs.localconfig.LocalConfig.readConfig(LocalConfig.java:360)
        at com.zimbra.cs.localconfig.LocalConfig.(LocalConfig.java:365)
        at com.zimbra.cs.localconfig.Main.main(Main.java:116)
Tryed to install dozens of times, erased all files from zimbra install...

Is there an uninstall?
Is there a way to solve this?

Thanks in advance.