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Thread: CalDav-URL (for Lightning) to zimbra-calendars created by user

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    Question CalDav-URL (for Lightning) to access zimbra-calendars created by user??


    I'm currently trying to setup a Zimbra-OpenSourceEdition for me and some friends.
    At the moment I struggle to get my Zimbra-Calendars to show in Thunderbird Lightning.
    The base-calendar works with Lightning via "https://zimbra/dav/alex/Calendar".
    But my other calendars like "work" & "private" don't.
    What is the correct URL to integrate these as CalDAV-calendars in Lightning?

    BTW: When using Apple iCal, I can simply use "https://zimbra" as URL and all my self-created zimbra-calendars show up automatically. AFAIK iCal supports something called "principals" and therefore does detect all available calendars on his own.

    Using .ics is no option, because it seems to be "read-only".
    I can connect to the calendars using .ics, but I neither can delete appointments nor stop
    Lightning from alarming me about events (even in the past).
    The alarms show up everytime I refresh the external calendars.

    I have som other issues, but I think it better to open new threads for them?!

    Cheers and thanks in advance
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    Lightening does propfinds as well.
    Try just

    Are you doing shared cals? If so, you might be hitting:
    Bug 24487 - Shared CalDAV calendars not showing entries in Lightning/Sunbird

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