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Thread: Internal only Accounts ??

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    Default Internal only Accounts ??

    I don't know if this is the right place, but i'd like to know if in Zimbra i can define if an e-mail account is limited to send e-mail to it's own domain.

    Ex: i have a domain, can i create users that can only send e-mail to other users ? Sure i'd like to create some users that can send also external e-mails.

    Is that an out-of-the-box feature of Zimbra ?


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    Welcome to the forums,
    Sure, to prevent them from sending mail externally: Restrict sending to certain domains - Zimbra :: Wiki

    One step further - who can send to those accounts/preventing those accounts from getting external mail: RestrictPostfixRecipients - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Be sure to vote for: Bug 5595 - per-domain send restriction
    (& even Bug 9620 - Mail policies and access control for sending to distribution lists)
    Make check boxes for:
    -User can send email outside of their domain
    -User can recieve mail from outside their domain
    That is to say we don't want to overlook having a blank to enter what domains they can sent to/receive from (but that's the majority of requests).

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