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Thread: Moving to Fedora 7 (5.02)- any gotchas?

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    Question Moving to Fedora 7 (5.02)- any gotchas?

    Hi all,

    This saturday I am going to do an "in place" upgrade/install using the same hardware. I will be following the basic steps in jholder's instructions on moving to a new server

    Server = Dell Poweredge 2650

    FC4 with ZCS 4.5.11. Goal is to get to ZCS 5.02 on Fedora 7.

    1 - backup system (rsync)
    2- wipe out FC4 (I am going to redo the array to Raid 0+1 instead of current Raid 5)
    3- install Fedora 7 - get all updates (no sendmail) - give same identity as old FC4 install.
    4- install Fedora 7 version of zcs 4.5.11
    5- restore from backup
    6- if OK, upgrade to 5.02

    Looks like a minimum of a 6-8 hour saturday, so I am really hoping for no "gotchas."

    Also - not sure if this is important - but my server has only a CD, not a DVD. My Fedora 7 install will come from the Live CD. I'm only mentioning this in case something from the install may be missing. I have another PE2650 running Fedora 7 (Apache and some NFS shares) so I know the install works, just not sure if something might be missing.

    Any comments greatly appreciated,

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    Yep, looks good

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