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Thread: Zimbra Soho config without MX?

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    Default Zimbra Soho config without MX?


    I'm currently trying to configure a Zimbra Soho solution which will need to work without any MX records. I have installed Zimbra, disabled DNS lookups and set the proper relay smtp server. Outbound mail works fine but internal does not. Postfix complains about the source and destination being the same? (I will fetch the exact error from zimbra.log and post later). Fetchmail has been configured but I was wondering about how to set this up properly. In Exchange, you have the ability to add an extra email address and set this as the primary so this will be used when a user sends mail. How is this done in Zimbra? By creating an extra email domain? Basically I want a setup in which Zimbra will fetch the mail from the mailserver of the provider and sending it itself while using the correct mail domain.

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    Does your hosts file have an entry for the IP & host+domain name of your zimbra box?


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    How about using dnsmasq on your Zimbra server to provide the local MX record? That's the setup I'm testing here & it seems to work well (+much easier than BIND)..


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    Ok..little update here after an afternoon of tinkering.

    It was a bit easier then I thought although I'm still not sure why the localhost.localdomain setup won't work. I just added the outside maildomain as an extra maildomain and edited the users to point to this domain. The user would then login as Fetchmail config will look a bit weird as it will fetch the mail for and will forward it to This has 2 advantages. 1. The outbound will not be bounced as most smtp servers will not accept mail from user@localhost.localdomain. 2. The incoming mail through mail will actually work as dns lookups are turned off so Zimbra will deliver the mail internally. I'm going to build the final setup tomorrow (testbuild was done in vmware) and will do a full writeup later this week. Comments are welcome.

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