I'm trying to evaluate Zimbra by installing the VMware virtual machine distro in my virtual test network. I'm getting this message in the "Zimbra Services" menu item of the rPath web admin portal:

error: /etc/conaryrc:3: when processing includeConfigFile: /etc/conary/config.d/zimbra:1: when processing includeConfigFile: Error reading config file http://updates.zimbra.com/conaryrc: Temporary failure in name resolution Release RPL1

Cannot determine services - exiting
"failure in name resolution" - hmm, sure sounds like a DNS problem. My VM, however, has a correct IP address, correct hostname entered, full name resolution (internally) forwards and reverse from DNS for mail.example.foo, both A and MX records, and can correctly resolve updates.zimbra.com as At first blush, you'd think that name resolution wouldn't be a problem.

There are no other helpful log entries I could uncover.

There are two other (unresolved) posts on this board referencing this issue (search for 'em). They're not much help though.

What else could this be? What am I doing wrong?