I'm setting up Zimbra@Home (as in home based service for friends and family)and using fetchmail to get messages from various pop and imap accounts. This seems to work with "is here" to deliver to the right mailbox. I'm trying to add hotmail using hotwayd (integrates into fetchmail as a proxy as far as I can gather) but it gives me socket=2 error. I guess this is something to do with the port usage and I just gave up.

Like a stupid newbie, I moved onto to gotmail that is a perl script for retreiving hotmail. It retreives the messages fine and puts them onto the default mbox. I then saw that it can pass the messages to procmail. All this is fine except I cannot figure out a way to deliver the messages to a specific mailbox in Zimbra. My mailbox in Zimbra is set-up as a non-local domain (existing email address).

I know this might be very stupid question, sorry if waisting time but this is clearly the first time I'm setting up a Linux mail server.

btw, best piece of Linux software I've seen so far, incredible easy to install and very feature rich. Brilliant !