We are currently testing the NE edition. Server is a dual Xeon 2.4Ghz, 2Gb Ram, raid 10 Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Web performance is very irratic. Especially in management interface. For example it is very easy to type a new user then waith 10+ seconds for the letters to appear. Also when working as a user switching between tabs can be painfull 10+ seconds to open documents then 10+ more to create a new one. There are 2 people testing this server and rarely are they even logged in at the same time. Could this be related to Ubuntu? I may reinstall and use Centos as another installation runs much better on Centos on more modest hardware.

I have read the Wiki I have not had a chance to follow the performance tuning steps but should they even be necessary for 2 users?

Any ideas are appreciated.