Hi all,

The Zimbra suit is an amazing product that everyone should have access to. I first saw the system a few months back and was blown away.
Since then I have been hopping to initiate a community driving free email service similar to Hotmail/Gmail - just based on Zimbra! It would be so cool to if ordinary users could take advantage of the Zimbra and if the entire project could be community driving.

I have been reading through the terms to find out if such a project would be allowed. From what I can read it should be possible as long as we put the Zimbra logo on the page. This is not a problem as we would like to make it very clear to everyone that the system is Zimbra based and hosted on a community basis. Do you see any legal issues in the project?

I discussed the project with a major datacenters/sponsor and found and they are very likely willing to sponsor bandwidth and datacenter capacity (a few racks). The company in question is using a lot of open source themselves and would like to “give something back”.

What is your take on this project?