Hi all,

Two questions:

1.What happens if "Install zimbra-apache [Y]" is set "No" during installation?
2.Does Zimbra install both Apache Tomcat and Apache httpd?
a) If yes, is Tomcat used for webmail and Apache httpd for Aspell?

In detail, we've already had a successful test deployment of Zimbra Open Source Edition on Debian i386. All seems to be functioning as normal and we're considering migrating to ZNE. For an actual deployment on production servers though we're bound by strict security rules which includes removing/disabling unnecessary services. For a mail server, just mail related and essential OS services can run.

What I couldn't find any information on is the role of Apache in Zimbra besides being an Aspell front-end. I assume that Zimbra uses Tomcat for webmail and Apache httpd for Aspell.

Users will be using an email client far more than webmail and if they do use webmail, then they can live without a spell checker. Simply put, Apache httpd cannot run on a mail server if its sole role to do a spell checking and Zimbra will be a no go.

Thank you in advanced,