First of all, I'd like to congratulate on all zimbra crew members ! You guys are great and awesome in creating this GA version ! The upgrade is snap and extremely easy to install without any issue, even on the OSS version. I was on SuSEES9 M3 version yesterday and am now on GA version. The GA version seems to run very stable and smooth, and clear up errors when I update my Options.

However, the Intermittent issue (Issue # 5852 from the Zimbra 3.0 OS Release Notes) regarding opening a message is pain. I did the upgrade yesterday and didn't recognize this until today. I tried to follow the get-around approach -- close the message window, refresh, and reopen the message. This seems to work, but when I do the "refresh" by clicking on the "Reload" button of the Web browser (Firefox 1.0.7), the page appears reloading with the splash screen as if when I was logging into my account and then brought me back to my inbox.

The most annoying part is that I have to do the refresh like this everytime when I check each email message. If I have 20 to 50 messages sitting for me to read them, I'd have to do the refresh 20 to 50 times in order for me to read them all. ;o(

I know that when I was using zimbra M3 version with the same Firefox 1.0.7 version client Web browser, I didn't have this issue. This tells me that it is something related to GA version itself.

When do you think that the patch for this will come and have this fixed ?

Another issue is not critical but nice to see it happen in the future release. After I have modified my option, I will not see any change until I log out and log back into my account again. An example would be to change from "conversation" to "message" mode to display the inbox message.

What do you think ?