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Thread: install without smtp,mysql,tomcat

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    Default install without smtp,mysql,tomcat


    I already have apache, qmail, openldap tomcat, mysql installed and running on a redhat server with iptables. I do not want to disturb that setup in anyway. Is it possible to have zimbra only install its core components, and use the existing install of the above software components? I dont see anywhere on how to do this.


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    Default The other way around

    Well, I understand the point that Zimbra will still be coming along with their MySQL etc.

    To me, the other stuff that come along woth Zimbra is OK only that I really want to run only one single copy of MySQL in my system. In you opinion based on Zimbra's future upgrade path that I can use the MySQL that comes with Zimbra for my other applications?

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    You can do what you wish. We won't reccomend or support this but there's nothing stopping you from using MySQL for other things. Just need to be careful with naming your databases not to conflict. Also want to make sure your apps don't overload the DB and cause Zimbra to slow down.

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