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Thread: install on nat server that uses DHCP?

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    Default install on nat server that uses DHCP?

    I am trying to install zimbra on on an amazon elastic cloud instance.

    I have a static external ip address (elastic ip address) with a dns entry and MX records pointing to this external ip address.

    When I attempt to install zimbra, it wants to use the dhcp name of the server, which is subject to change. I see others have done this and their install breaks on a restart of their server.

    I read about the split dns setup, but this still assumes a static ip address on the server. I tried changing the domain for the install to ( but because this is the external interface for the server, the installation will not continue.

    Any ideas on how to proceed with this problem? I included the text message that zimbra gave when it could not proceed with my domain name change.
    Thank you!

    Operations logged to /tmp/zmsetup.04032008-134529.log
    Setting defaults...

    DNS ERROR resolving MX for domU-12-31-35-00-00-84.z-2.compute-1.internal
    It is suggested that the domain name have an MX record configured in DNS
    Change domain name? [Yes]
    Create Domain: [domU-12-31-35-00-00-84.z-2.compute-1.internal]
    MX: (
    MX: (
    MX: (


    DNS ERROR - none of the MX records for
    resolve to this host
    It is suggested that the MX record resolve to this host
    Re-Enter domain name? [Yes]

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    You might have a look at this thread. Several people have done dynamic DNS setups with varying degrees of success, but this thread tells you a good deal about what does and doesn't work.


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