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Thread: MTA host name

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    Default MTA host name

    First i want to thank zimbra for such a cool and cutting edge product. With the help of this forum and the simple configuration script the install went without a hitch on a AMD Duron1400 running FC4. Being a novice programmer hopefully one day I will be able to contribute.

    I have one question not that it is effecting the implementation at all, but it has to do with the MTA name. The default install used the FQDN. I was just woundering on an install would you normally change FQDN of the server to just the domain name? Right now i have added the domain name as another email domain in the admin console and it works fine so this is not all that important just wounder the proper configuration when doing an install.

    Thanks again,

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    The MTA name is just the host name. This is what you'd put in your Mx record. So like, but your domain is just so your email addresses are

    What problem are you trying to solve?
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    Default proper name choice

    There is no truly "right" answer to this - you can set the hostname to something completely unrelated to the domains you host (eg, domains and can both be provisioned on the server - just make sure all the DNS is pointing at the right things.

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    Default Likely DNS issue

    Dont know how unique my situation is but I was asking the question primarly becuase when i did the upgrade from the M4 release i was prompted about an MX record, and an entry for could not be found. I am currently running a caching name server and the actual authoritative name server is being hosted by a third party. As convoluted as that sounds i had to do it this way in order to get around port 25 being blocked. This third party allows smtp traffic to be forwarded to non-standard ports.

    I have added a domain with just my and i receive all of my mail. I just have another domain in the admin console for Just was not sure if that was the problem it does not seem to be a problem with my current configuration and the last thing i want to do is break something that is currently working!!

    Based on the look of things there is a good chance that my zone files are some how missconfigured. I'm just worried about changing them and breaking an albiet flawed installation, but it is working.

    I was just curious.

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