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Thread: Zimbra failed to install on Debian Etch: FQHN problem

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    Default Zimbra failed to install on Debian Etch: FQHN problem

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to install Zimbra 5.0.4 on Debian Etch.
    But i get this error while launching the script:

    ERROR: Installation can not proceeed. Please fix your /etc/hosts file to contain:

    I've set up a local DNS and a domain name says:

    my /etc/hosts file contains: zimbra

    and my /etc/hostname:

    When i ping, i get a response like: PING zimbra ( 56(84) bytes of data.... which means my FQHN is OK. (I hope!)

    So, how can i fix this? Is there something wrong with my FQHN?
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