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Thread: Split Domain and Sync, Mirroring or Multi Server

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    Default Split Domain and Sync, Mirroring or Multi Server

    Here The Setup

    Domain =
    host A =
    Server = Microsoft Exchange (1000 Users)
    IP =

    user 1 =
    user 2 =

    host B =
    Server = Zimbra Network + Zimbra Mobile (400 Users)
    IP =
    user 1 =

    external links
    Migration issue with split domain & multi-servers

    all users only know but want to get mobile service and webmail from zimbra,

    my issue is
    how to make the user can open his old mail box with ton of mail and spam at both mail server (in this scenario and (*** i don't like migrate his mail to new mail server because his 3 gig mailbox with rule of folder filter and spam is to big effort for the looser guy like him (4year archive***)

    like forward mail for "some users" in host to "existing users" in host but keep the mail copy so the users can have identical mailbox in mail.(ME) and webmail.(Zimbra)

    in the external link,

    user at didn't got any mail because all mail being re-route to at

    previously i used imapsync to mirroring, but this make un-sync because not real time sync
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