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Thread: [SOLVED] https for webmail - no go

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    Default [SOLVED] https for webmail - no go


    I just installed a new zcs 5.0.3 server (glad to leave exchange !) and am trying to enable https for webmail usage.
    For now I wouls like to have http redirect to https - but I don't manage to get it to work.

    I already checked the forum / online doc - many stuffs are related to zcs 4.5 (no tomcat on zcs5) ...

    What was done :
    * webmail over HTTP works
    * zmtlsctl redirect
    * zmmailboxdctl restart

    The result :
    * Empty answers on port 80 (no http header)
    * Connexion closes upon connect on port 443

    Admin works like a charm using https

    Anyone got a clue ?
    (I don't mind using self signed certs for now - as for the admin)

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    Default Fixed :)

    Well, I'm not sure how, but it works now ...

    I tried going back to http (did it twice, as the first time strange stuffs were happeningg) and it works with redirection now ...

    On the second time I had to change the default port, which was 43, for https (although I had the latest version installed) :
    * zmprov ms zimbraMailSSLPort 443
    * zmmailboxdctl restart

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    This is how I did it on 5.0.2 and it works just fine.

    Edit /opt/zimbra/conf/httpd.conf and add this to the bottom of the file:
    HTML Code:
    <VirtualHost *:80>
            ServerAlias mail
            Redirect /
    Then obviously restart Zimbra and test it out.

    Make sure the NameVirtualHost *:80 line is not commented out
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