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Thread: 32Bit or 64bit?

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    Default 32Bit or 64bit?

    I haven't seen any definitive recommendation either way on this, so I'll ask. I'm planning on purchasing the NE version within the next couple of months and migrate our current inhouse email system over. I have a dual Xeon server with 3GB of ram and will be housing about 50 users from the start. All my testing has been with the 32-bit Ubuntu distro, but since the machine is 64-bit capable, is there any benefit in going with 64-bit over the increased memory capacity? I've always seen mixed issues with using 64-bit OS'es so I have typically avoided loading up a 64-bit OS.

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    Old article but a nice comparison :- Ubuntu Linux 6.10: 64-Bit vs 32-Bit Benchmark


    1) If your machine is capable
    2) and you are looking to expand the memory in the future
    3) and the vendor supports 64bit
    4) and you are not going to use it for lots of other things

    then yes I would go 64 bit IMHO.

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