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    Default Wiki Front Page

    Should it be possible to make the first visible page a wiki/general startup page instead of automatically going to webmail? I'm trying to set up a Zimbra server for work that does everything in one package.

    Basically: should redirect to for the wiki page that is located in /opt/zimbra/httpd/htdocs should bring up webmail

    Or something to that effect.

    Also, how do I install MediaWiki with just Zimbra's version of php, mysql, and httpd? It's giving me this error:
    installed Could not find a suitable database driver!
    For MySQL, compile PHP using --with-mysql, or install the module
    For PostgreSQL, compile PHP using --with-pgsql, or install the module

    when I try to run the MediaWiki installer. I read something about doing "yum install php-mysql" but it tries to install mysql as well, when I just want the module to be for Zimbra's mysql.

    Once I confirm the functionality of everything my company will most likely purchase Network Edition and migrate emails over, I just need a few final touches.

    Thanks for any guidance!
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    Try using a different subdomain name to give the users rather than the zimbra machine's host name. Then use a separate web server (eg your www) to redirect to the URL's you want.

    Eg: redirects to is then your wiki system that you publish to your users. is then your mail system and you don't publish this.

    On your separate web server create a virtual host for with the following in index.html


    (Remove the space after the angle bracket < at the start)

    Sorry, can't answer on the MediaWiki question. Have you given thought to using zimbra's Documents as a wiki system? It would integrate in better with the users' email and use the same user name list to specify who is allowed to change what.

    If you want to look at that option then publish a documents folder (eg. public) from a "wiki" user with the permissions you want, make an initial page that will be the wiki's top page (eg. start), then use the following redirect code instead:

    < META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="0; URL=">

    (Remove the space after the angle bracket < at the start)
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    I'd prefer to keep it all in one server, as this is a test server right now and I don't want to touch the main server in case I screw it up. As for the wiki, there is currently a wikipedia in place on the old server but they are considering moving the existing one onto a Zimbra server. Thank you for taking the time to reply though.

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